Presence and the Great Turning

Written by: Bridget Woods


27 March 2020

What happens in our minds and hearts when the ground on which we stand begins to fall away, the assumptions we hold prove to be illusory and existential threats are not in some ‘other’ place in the world but right here? An unknown future brings more focus on the present which seems for me at least, to include a confusing array of emotion –  joy, sorrow, confusion, relief, fury, kindness, despair, courage, a mind that races with each new piece of information and a body that just wont settle. My identity is made a little more fragile, and a little more surrendered to a cosmic unfolding I cannot fully grasp, but as the daily grind is paused and old habits suspended, I can sometimes sense the birth – of a brave new world. Sarah and I look forward to hosting our first fully virtual Gaia’d conversation and look forward to meeting you there to compare notes on this birth doula boot camp!