About us

We are a diverse collection of humans, inspired by and wildly curious about, the beauty, science, genius and mystery of our often-overlooked ‘natural’ world.  Each of us in our own way, explore and bring key aspects of this remarkable ecological intelligence into our particular disciplines – so that together we support a life-enriching world.

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Sarah Gregersen

Sarah is a sustainability consultant for business and an Associate of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. She is skilled in the fields of ethical leadership, living systems and innovation based on planet-positive opportunities.

As a seasoned learning designer, her main focus is on  transformation and strategies for shifting from a product focused economy to a circular economy. Sarah works with multinational organisations like IKEA, ICRC, Airbus, Chanel, Amcor and Ricola.

She founded her first sustainability company in 2006, facilitating CSR strategy development and partnerships between Companies and NGOs and lecturing and advising on the GRI, the Global Compact, and ISO 26000.

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Bridget Woods

As a seasoned consultant, teacher and facilitator, Bridget focuses on inspiring the best in human beings and their relationships – with each other and the ecological world.

Her MSc in Organisational and Personal Transformation (Middlesex University UK) explored the evolution of egoic to ecological worldviews, in individuals and organisations.

She brings depth, love and lightness to ‘changing conversations’ – in places and between people who are questioning the status quo and exploring more authentic and generative ways of being, living, organising and working.

Her skills, training and experience traverse change and complexity, sustainability, leadership maturity, organisational design, and mindfulness

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Per Olsson

Per Olsson is leading the Stockholm resilience center research stream Resilience Science for Transformations, working with agency and system entrepreneurship, social-ecological innovations, and transformations to sustainability.

He has co-authored several book chapters, including one for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Articles in scientific journals, including Science, PNAS, TREE, Ambio, Global Environmental Change, Environmental Management, and the Annual Review of the Environment and Resources.

His work has crossed local to global scales, including local water governance to multi-lateral institutional contexts, in the north and south, including Solomon Islands and Australia, and in a wide range of systems, such as marine, water, food, urban, and agriculture.

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Claire Janisch

Claire Janisch is the founding Director of BiomimicrySA. As a Certified Biomimicry Professional, Claire spends her time exploring nature’s genius in diverse ecosystems and shares this new way of viewing and valuing nature through biomimicry  expeditions. She teaches and coaches professionals and students, and partners companies and organisations in applying nature’s principles to the design of products, processes and systems.

Claire has an MSc in Chemical Engineering in Industrial Ecology.  She was selected in the Mail and Guardian 200 young South Africans for 3 years in row, and a finalist for Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards in 2012

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Samuel Chevallier

Sam is a specialist biomimicry nature guide, filmmaker, and design thinker. His passion is facilitating deep and immersive experiences in the natural world, believing that fully experiencing the world around us, is the fastest way to better understand our place within it.

His interest in sustainability and ecology led him to do a postgraduate diploma in Sustainable Development, (Sustainability Instiitute, SA) and a masters in Ecological Design Thinking (Schumacher College UK). During this time, he focused his learning on ecological theory such as Biomimicry, Systems thinking and Deep Ecology.

Sam has since founded Rewild, a company offering film based storytelling – showcasing other organisation’s efforts in conservation, and ecosystem restoration.

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Espen Sivertsen

Espen Sivertsen is founder & CEO of Ivaldi Group. Ivaldi Group works with leading partners across maritime, offshore & construction to collect and organize the worlds spare parts data and to leverage on-demand manufacturing in reducing inventory, warehousing, delivery times and cost of logistics by sending files, not parts.

Espen is also Director of BAAM – a coalition of 3D technology companies, in California. BAAM is able to provide an entire ecosystem of 3D products and services.
From 2013-2016, Espen served as CEO of Type A Machines, a manufacturer of 3D printers and printing solutions. Espen co-founded the company in January 2012 and supervised double digit growth throughout his time there. Type A Machines revolutionizing the industry through cost effective, massively parallel and scalable production.